Working with various web Content Management Systems for nearly 20 years gives us unique insight on the different functionalities of different CMS platforms. Although we will gladly set up a beautiful site for you with a Drupal, XOOPS, Joomla or any other system, we proudly stand behind WordPress as the best way for us to help you manage your own website.

Working with WordPress enables us to set up a site for you that we can teach you to manage as easily as you might send an email. Our customized administration dashboards tailor the process of managing your site to your particular skill level so that you are never overwhelmed by the experience. We empower our clients with simplified systems and clarified workflows.



Beautiful, simple and powerful, Divi is our preferred WordPress Theme. Working smoothly with WordPress, Divi allows easy integration with a vast array of powerful WordPress extensions and systems, including E-Commerce, email systems, content management, customer accounts, and so much more. Whatever your site needs to do, our Divi solutions will have it seamlessly up and running in no time.

Most of our clients don’t want to engage a full-time, ongoing web developer. With Sedona Sites, our WordPress Divi setup, installation and guidance ensures you can self-manage your site as much or as little as you would like. Create your own posts, manage your inventory, update your content and tinker to your heart’s content.  Ask about our white-label solutions if you need a system that is branded front and back – your own custom content portal – and no one will ever know you’re using WordPress, not even your staff.  Whatever you need, we’re here to help!



Always wanted your own blog?  WordPress is the industry standard in modern blogging technology.  Contact us today and start blogging as soon as tomorrow.




Build a following with regular newsletters.  Our clients love Mailchimp and Constant Contact, but we can integrate whatever third party service you prefer.




Skip the middleman and start serving your products to the global community!  Process payments seamlessly with Stripe, PayPal, Square, or your preferred payment processor.



Photo Galleries

Build beautiful photo galleries with no coding knowledge.  We set it up just the way you want it, and you can run with it from there.  Drag and drop images, point and click edit captions and hit publish, voilà!



Custom Post Types

With Custom Post Types we unleash the potential of WordPress to really personalize every aspect of your site’s content.  Using Pods and Beaver Builder, we can take control of every aspect of how your content is indexed and presented to your site visitors.  




We love multisite!  WordPress Multisite enables you to manage more than one domain from one WordPress installation as if it were the same site.  If you have several projects happening at once, each with their own domain name and their own website, we can help you centralize it all in one place and manage it with one login, simple as pie.

Multisite can be used for many things.  WordPress.com uses Multisite to host thousands of blogs around the world.  Some people use Multisite to create their own social media network.  Perfect especially for Property Management firms that have several Real Estate agents who each need their own website.



Social Media Integration

Sedona Sites is known around the Verde Valley for social media marketing, because we’ve been doing this for over 20 years!  WordPress is wonderful when you want to centralize all of your social media connections in one place.  Harness the power of your social media by importing the data to your own site and stop relying on fickle, ever-changing TOS policies to preserve your data for you.  Hint: They won’t!

A social media integrated WordPress site can enable you to post to all of your various social media accounts with one button click – now that can be a real timesaver.



One-site Training

We can show you how to manage your own WordPress website in a few short sessions, and you will be creating content like a pro in no time.  

With complex custom websites or E-commerce solutions, training may take a little bit longer, but the comfort and peace of mind of being able to keep your website operations in-house is value that keeps on giving for years to come.



Managed WordPress Solutions

When business is booming, focus on business and let us take care of your website maintenance.  With flat monthly or hourly rates, you will always know exactly what to expect – high quality service, uncompromising design and the most reasonable prices in all of Sedona and the Verde Valley.



Daily Backups

 Never risk losing your data.  We back up your site every single day so that in case anything happens, we can always restore your site.



 24/7, Friendly, Local Support

 We are always on call if you need help.  Push the wrong button & everything went wrong?  We can fix that.


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