The People of Social Media

Social media is the modern town square – with a few key differences. With 326 million users, Twitter is one of the pre-eminent media social media networks in existence today. People are most inclined to browse social media in their free time, when they’re relaxed, happy and have a few minutes to explore. This also happens to be the state of mind where they’re at their most open-minded and likely to entertain purchasing interesting goods and services. The only question is … How do you reach them?


Research and AI data has revealed an emergent property of social networks: while interconnection between people of all different beliefs, nationalities, interests and groups of all kinds has never been higher, interest groups are also highly concentrated in their reach. The graphic to the left shows the emergence and spread of ideas throughout concentrated groups of social media users. Reaching the center of the multitude of such groups is where the power of social media marketing shines and gains the most exposure.

Great, so where’s my sphere?

That is the question! The absolute key to reaching and maximizing your audience is identifying your spheres, and capturing their interest. This means, first and foremost, intensive research. It’s easy enough to just open up Twitter and start promoting your services, but without tailoring your messages, and providing great content that is relevant to your audience, you may find you hit a wall with your engagement. Chances are you’ve seen this – most of your posts are seen by a couple of dozen people, maybe you get a couple of likes – then suddenly, out of the blue, a single post earns 100,000+ engagements and your site crashes from the traffic. Next day? Back to obscurity. Was it just a coincidence? Nope! You hit a sphere. Nice job!

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