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Our social media management services set us apart from the rest – we’ve been doing social media since before it was a thing.

Social media marketing is one of the only games in town for small and mid-sized business in this era. From yoga classes, to spiritual healing, to live music and everything between, having a social media presence at all is half the battle. We will set up your social media presence with unique graphics, compelling profile text and a ready-to-go business personality you will be proud to call your own.




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Sedona Sites have been creating quality content and promoting businesses across the Verde Valley for over 18 years. See what we can do for you!



If your brand isn’t active on Facebook, you know you are missing out on social media exposure. But have you considered that you are also depriving your fans of the opportunity to interact meaningfully with your business? The insights you gain from a loyal Facebook following can actually help you better serve the needs of your customers! We’ll show you how.


We can set up and manage your Facebook pages, create unique content worthy of being shared, get your page and posts liked and shared on a regular basis, and establish your loyal social media following. Let’s get started today.



Okay, so you have a Facebook page. Do you really need twitter, too? YES, you do! Having a twitter page for your brand gives your fans another way to connect and to display their loyalty to your product. We can set it up so that anything you post to Facebook automatically cross-posts to twitter – no having to jump around social media sites repeating yourself.



If you are living and working in one of the most beautuful places in the world, why not put that to work for you with compelling YouTube content? We can help you monetize your YouTube content.



Leverage user-generated content to the limits and dazzle your customers with expertly rendered images of your products, brand, stores, events and more. Working with Sedona Graphics, show your brand at its best with regularly updated promotional graphics, test-run new ideas and designs, and see what your customers are seeing about you! Put that personal touch on your company image with Sedona Graphics on Instagram.

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With the digital world at your fingertips through Sedona Social Media, expanding your revenue and reach can become as simple as turning a dial. Need to up your sales? Dial it up! Need a breather, expanding too quickly for your liking? Dial it back down. We hand-tailor your social media presence through product promotions, company news, local trends, and keeping your customers engaged with content from the wider market in which you operate. Become the focal point of your market segment and watch the sales roll in!

With time-tested techniques and the best original content production in the Valley, Sedona Social Media will build your loyal following, provide second-to-none customer service and responsiveness, and ensure you’re the hottest name in town. Make the best of earned and paid media and take your company to the next level with Sedona Social Media.

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Managing four or more different social media sites on top of running your business successfully? Aint nobody got time for that! Let Sedona Sites handle your social media campaigns – we know what we are doing, and we do it well. We save you time while making you money.