Targeted Twitter Engagement

Having a twitter page for your brand gives your fans another way to connect and with display their loyalty to your product. We dive deep into the data to determine how to best reach YOUR AUDIENCE with content they want to engage with.

Focused Facebook Marketing

Facebook isn’t the platform it used to be, but it is still an important asset to your business. We analyze Facebook graph data to pinpoint trends and expand your audience. We also integrate Facebook with Instagram.

Great Google Placement

Google is taking over the digital globe and understanding how to navigate Google’s various APIs is more important than ever for your business. We handle all of that for you, from Analytics to Adwords, from hosting your site on the lightning fast Google Cloud Platform web servers to filling it full of SEO-targeted keywords.

Who Are You?

Your needs, goals, personality and budget are all unique.

The first thing we will do is meet with you to discover who you are, what your business is all about, and where you want to take things. This initial meeting is free. We will help you decide which social media platforms are best suited to promoting your business, the level of customer engagement you are looking for, and tailor a social media promotion package that fits you perfectly.

Who Are Your Clients?

This step is where the magic really happens.

After we’ve established your goals, we need to figure out just who your current and potential customers are.  Do you already have some established social media presence that we can analyze?  What do your customers make small talk about?  What kinds of things might they spend their free time involved in? 

We will collect as much information as we can, analyze it, and provide you with target markets and areas of interest we will develop your social media presence around.

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Starting Your Accounts

Armed with everything we’ve learned so far, we can now start building your presence.

We will begin promoting your business and services, following and cross-promoting content from related fields, monitoring engagement and continually adjusting our strategy. We will be in close coordination during this critical phase, and you can watch as your social media presence grows in real time.

One like, two likes, three likes, four…

Tackling Twitter

We work with you to brainstorm potentially related fields that people interested in your services will be browsing, and start following, retweeting, and generating related content and posts.

With time, we’ll grow a large, engaged follower base that will be frequently checking back, sharing your content with their friends, directing people to your site and generating business!

Getting Googled

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another way to help your site be served to the people who are searching for services like yours online, and submitting your business to local directories will also help considerably. Google AdWords campaigns can be used to jump-start traffic to your site.

With the right strategy and time, we can grow your business as quickly or as steadily as you would like.

Your Following

For Facebook and Instagram, regular creation of relevant, interesting content will keep your followers engaged and promote your services.

Engagement with the community’s related interests will expand your follower base and reach, and provide your followers with an interesting, engaging experience to keep them on the lookout for your posts, and keep them coming back.

For basic social media services as described above, our base rate is $600 per month for one social media site, with additional services at $100 each. This includes research and close consultation throughout the process, 1-2 posts per day, and community engagement and building. Track your progress directly on the platform of your choice or leave it to us as we build out your very own social media community, and watch in real time as your reputation, client base and business grow. We also offer graphic design services to fine-tune the media you provide to a given platform, and create original media as needed.

We generally expect a lead time of approximately two to three months to begin seeing solid results from a campaign, as it takes time to build an engaged follower base. Depending on the infrastructure, content, accounts and follower base you already have established, this can be dramatically shortened. Find out what we can do for you!