When you set out to have a website developed, the first thing you may wonder is: how much will it cost? Unfortunately, the answers you get will likely be numerous and highly variable. In this climate, it is incredibly difficult to know what really is good value for money for Web Design services. Many Web Design firms capitalize on this confusion and seek to bilk your business for every dime they think they can squeeze out of it, padding your prices to cover their overhead. Sedona Sites stands apart from those by being up front about our very reasonable service charges. We are family owned and operated, & we extend our family values to the Sedona community that has embraced us as family throughout the years. That means that we are not satisfied with your project until you are thrilled with it – and we mean it. We understand that your website is one of the most important investments you will make as a small business owner. Your website will represent you & your brand to the global community as well as the local Sedona area you serve. Something as important as that requires the kind of spacial care and intuitive attention that we bring to every project we take on.

Although we can do anything – we are well versed in numerous Content Management Systems, programming languages, and E-Commerce solutions, we have come to understand, and finally accept, that the best solution for most businesses is WordPress. But the potential for variation & customization within the WordPress framework are as vast as the concept of design itself.

WordPress is a set of scripts that can act as the foundation for almost any website.  Simple to install and manage, WordPress provides a database back end that can handle all kinds of data & that can be easily managed through a simple web based administration interface. Highly popular, there are thousands of different plugins that can help your site achieve certain functionality with WordPress, and most of them can be added to your site as easily as you might send an email.  Since this is our preferred Content Management solution, this is probably what we would recommend for you.


We have had clients come to us in tears after spending tens of thousands of dollars on a website that does not even function as intended only to discover that they only really needed a simple WordPress site that they could manage over time, which we were able to set up for them with a custom design for under $2000. Invariably these people have been charged “Per page” for website design – which may have been fine in 2005, but is no longer a meaningful way of assigning value to web design services.  We help you identify what you really need to succeed online. Then, we tackle your project with our years of expertise & exceptional design skills. Once your website has been established, we can guide you easily through a few simple steps that you can use to manage your own website content, or we can manage it for you. We will even establish and integrate major 3rd party Social Media applications like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and more.


With honest Web Design, WordPress, our years of experience & artistic aesthetic, you can be up & running your own beautiful, functional, dynamic website within a few weeks of contacting us. Better still, you can do it without breaking your budget.